Richard L. Cederberg


A Monumental Journey

Our Journey Begins


Gabriel Proudmore is the only child of an influential Scottish family. He’s become restless after securing his PhD in English Literature and Scandinavian Mythology. Being eager to resolve a Norse mystery, perplexing his family for generations, he feels drawn to walk a different path in his life than working for his father’s company or as a professor at some university. Gabriel is given a great opportunity when he meets the crew of the schooner Heimdall and they embark together on a monumental journey.



A Monumental Journey

In Search of the First Tribe


After departing Flores Island, in the Azorean Archipelagoes, the Heimdall sails for Southern California. Sixty-seven days later they arrive at Isla Socorro in the Revillagigedo Archipelagoes.  Here they discover a cave filled with Norse petroglyphs, the remnants of a deserted settlement, and two ancient parchments in a copper cylinder. The crew meets Anders ‘the Norse’ Vildarsen, a descendant from the original Rognvald voyage, who eagerly joins up with them in their quest to find the First Tribe of Rognvalds.



A Monumental Journey

The Underground River


After departing Cedros Island the crew sails north to San Diego. Their encounters with the Mortiken have been fierce, and a damaged Heimdall must be put into dry-dock for repairs. After meeting with their confidant the professor, at Panguitch Lake, the crew splits up to pursue different goals. Part goes to Ghost Mountain in the Anza Borrego Desert, and the others fly to Taroudant Morocco to prepare for their extraordinary mission into a subterranean realm in search of a lost Viking tribe.



A Monumental Journey

Beyond Understanding


Taken to the edges of their endurance, the crew continues their explorations of a subterranean world filled with challenges and breathtaking wonders. Following the defeat of Thurid’s warriors they free the Grettig family from captivity and then all embark, together, on a vast underground sea filled with incredible creatures. As the crew searches out the Viking metropolis, Torfar-Kolla, and some hike through the grueling Eastern Mountains, they learn firsthand just how dangerous and mysterious this Realm of Ancients really is.  



Between the Cracks

An Adventure/Thriller


A rusted derelict vessel has run aground in an isolated bay on Isla Socorro. Aboard a lone man is near death. At a curiously propitious moment, Rolf, an Irish wolfhound, discovers the wreck and races back to the Socorro Resort to alert his owners. Concerned they rush out and rescue the stranger and nurse him back to health. The good-deed, however, quickly devolves as they are drawn into far-reaching intrigues more challenging than they could ever imagine. The man they saved is an overlord for the Danish corporation Danetics; a global genetics lab exploiting innocent people with a ‘miracle drug’ that they want the hideous side-effects of kept secret. BETWEEN THE CRACKS explores the devastating nature of deception; those who are deceived, and those who overcome.